Over time political, cultural and economic changes impact on language use and topics.

So we are keen to work with new partners that enrich our range of services, in order to maintain the high quality of our offer, provided we produce work of the same standard.

Whom are we looking for?


In order to be able to respond to new client requests we are always open to working with other professionals.

Get in touch if you are:

  • a certified interpreter for a rare language
  • have a particular expertise or
  • an unusual specialization
  • are looking for networking opportunities with professional translators throughout Germany

If you have professional qualifications and are willing to actively contribute to our nationwide network we are looking forward to getting to know you.


The demand for interpreting services is growing. Alongside language competence and professionalism a good interpreter also needs social skills, like empathy, tact and intercultural competence.

So if you enjoy working with people and have the required skills, qualifications and expertise, we would be pleased to talk to you about a potential collaboration.


Proofreading is not only helpful for translations, but also for original texts. Few authors are themselves able to make the necessary revisions picking up on issues relating to spelling, grammar, punctuation, language style or register.

If you are a student finishing a language degree and/or have mother tongue expertise we would be pleased to hear from you.