Internationales Team beim Arbeiten

The majority of our clients hire us for the certified translation of official documents or the translation of professional texts on technical, economic and legal topics.

We are experienced in software localization and provide editorial and proofreading services. We also create effective and attractive layouts for texts and produce audio recordings.

Range of Services

Certified Translations

Official records accompany us throughout the whole of our lives. Most public authorities and courts require either original documents or certified translations of foreign language certificates as proof of evidence. This applies to personal documents of birth, marriage, divorce, change of name, adoption and death as well as to drivers’ licenses, doctors’ certificates, wills, educational certificates and diplomas, as well as to scientific texts, contracts, court documents or apostilles.

Certified translations may only be produced by publicly appointed and accredited translators guaranteeing the accuracy of the translation with a round seal and signature. We are also sworn to confidentiality. You can trust in our discretion and the quality of our work.

When producing a certified translation, the translator must examine the original and is not permitted to rely on a copy of the document only. We are usually happy to prepare a quotation using a scan but the original document must be sent to us for the translation. We will of course return this along with the translation to you on the agreed date of delivery. It is useful for us to know the purpose of the translation and the intended audience (court, expert audience etc.) to pitch the text correctly.

Technical Texts

Articles, technical texts and scientific work pose specific challenges. The translator needs to be proficient in the technical terms of the particular discipline and familiar with the discourse in the relevant field of knowledge, while at the same time be able to distinguish between a strictly scientific text and one that is aimed at a wider audience. That is why it is useful for us to know the purpose of the translation and the intended users, as it will help us tailor the text to a specific audience.

We specialize in the following technical subjects:

  • Personal documents and papers
  • Law (legal documents, contracts, patents etc.)
  • Economics and finance
  • Medicine, medical technology and pharmacy
  • Health care and insurance
  • Industry and automotive engineering
  • IT and computer science
  • Advertisments

Further topics upon request


Spoken interactions require direct interpretation from one language into another. Here it makes an enormous difference if this takes place in the interpreter’s mother tongue, so inferences and nuances of meaning can be picked up and articulated immediately.
We offer support for private and public conversations, appointments or negotiations. You can rely on our empathy and discretion regardless of whether it is a friendly conversation, a dispute, contract negotiation or a medical or public appointment.


Expert proofreading can make a substantial difference to any text, whether an article, specialist contribution or translation. We offer a large number of different proofreading services, such as spelling and grammar checks.  We can also correct for consistent style and appropriate language level and authenticate or proofread translations on request. Our clients value particularly our expertise in Arabic. We are additionally happy to offer setting and layout services for texts in different script.

Text Layout

Layout problems regularly occur for languages with non-European scripts. In some languages, such as Arabic, the typeface carries meaning; we take this into account and reflect it in the layout. Local graphic designers and printers are not likely to be knowlegeable about this aspect of scripts they may not be familiar with. With the experience and stylistic confidence of mother-tongue speakers we will help make your texts aesthetically and semantically consistent.

Translation of Web Content & Software

Websites and software products are usually designed for a global audience. Few things are more embarrassing than clumsily worded texts that contain mistakes.

Professional translation is a worthwhile investment for web content and software products. An appropriate level of language on websites creates trust, and when it comes to software, you can be sure that errors are not related to linguistic inaccuracies.

Voice Recordings

In the age of audiobooks, it has become increasingly standard to make technical texts and articles available as audio files. Occasionally audio files can be a more appropriate medium for translations of certificates and official documents. As a special service we can create audio files in all the common languages prepared by mother-tongue speakers. Simply ask for a quotation!


Translations are difficult to price.

We usually calculate quotations by standard lines (50 to 55 signs including space characters) and use the BDÜ’s (Association of German Translators) pricing structure. Prices are always based on the translated text (target text), except for those languages that are not written in Latin script.  For these texts please get in touch directly, so we can produce a quotation based on the original text, that is to be translated, or to agree a fixed price in advance.